The workflow of call handling using the DNIS Manager is summarized in the following steps:

  1. In the Connectivity menu of the Admin Console, account administrators define a list of supported phone numbers. If relevant, phone numbers can be categorized into groups, by assigning a Group Name to each number.
  2. When a customer presses the Call button while navigating through an Interaction, that Interaction's unique identifier is allocated to one of the available phone numbers.
  3. When the customer dials the number, the IVR retrieves the unique Interaction identifier. After this occurs, the phone number is released from the allocation, and becomes available for other calls. If the unique Interaction identifier is not retrieved within the predefined timeout period, the phone number is automatically released.
  4. A customer service representative receives the call and talks with the caller. By searching for the Interaction history according to the DNID presented by the IVR, representatives are able to access all the information, choices and input provided by the customer, so they can manage the call quickly and efficiently.

The call handling workflow is summarized in the following diagram.