In this phase of the tutorial, we will define a Question element that asks the user to enter an ID number. Then, we will create an Integration Point element that receives the user's answer as input, and returns the response of the integration point created in the previous phase as output. A new custom variable is created to hold the response.

To create the elements:

  1. From the Interaction Designer, create a new Interaction.
  2. Create a Question element that allows the user to enter a number input. For more details, refer to Designing User Input Questions.

  3. From the toolbar, click , and then click inside the Interaction Map.
    The Integration Point Definition dialog opens, with the General tab displayed by default.
  4. From the dropdown list in the Data frame, select the Integration Point that you created in the previous phase.

  5. In the Input Parameters tab, expand the Question elements and select the reference to the Question element that you created in Step 2.

  6. In the Output Parameters tab, expand the User Variables node. To create a new variable that will store the value received from the Integration Point, click Add new.

    The Variable Definition dialog opens.
  7. Enter a name for the new variable. Verify that the data type is my_customer.

    Then, click OK.
    The Variable Definition dialog closes.
  8. To close the Integration Point Definition dialog and save the new element, click OK.
  9. Draw a Connector between the Question element and the Integration Point element.