The following shows and describes Details tab settings for the Web Designer Application:

To change application settings:

  1. From the Applications page, click Designer. The Application: Designer page is displayed.
  2. At the top right corner of the page, click Edit. The settings become editable.
  3. If you wish, add a description for the current application.
  4. For Authentication Type select from the dropdown list, as required:
    • Internal: Authentication is based on an internal database controlled through the Admin Console.
    • Custom: Authentication is based on an external authorization server that operates according to Jacada Interact's security specification. The credentials used to access the Web Designer have an internal timeout of 24 hours.
    For more information, refer to Authentication Overview.
  5. The Application Key is a unique identifier that is generated automatically by the Interact Admin Console to control access to the server. For details about changing the application key, see Regenerating the Application Key.
  6. If you have selected the Custom authentication type, configure the following additional settings:
    • Authentication Link URL: The full URL path to the relevant AuthLink server. Clicking Test will test and report the connection status with the server.
    • URL Access Restriction: Select Public Internet or Private Virtual Network.

  7. For Session Timeout, enter the period of time for which an idle Flow (not being navigated by the user) is still considered active. When the Session Timeout is reached, the Flow is considered abandoned. If the user attempts to continue the Flow after the timeout, an error message will be displayed.

    The default Session Timeout value is 30 minutes.
  8. At the top right corner of the page, click Save. A confirmation message is displayed, and the Applications page is diplayed opens. Changes have been saved for the application.