The grid on the Users page provides a list of users associated with the account that is currently logged in. Features of the grid are described in the table following the diagram.

1 Filtering dropdown Filters the Users List according to the role selected. The default selection is All Users.
For more information about roles, refer to Roles and Permissions.
2 Message area Messages that are generated as you work with the Users List appear in this area. Error messages are displayed in red font.
3 Select All checkbox Toggling this checkbox selects/clears all the users on the Users List.
4 Users grid Provides general information about each user on the list. Clicking the Full Name link displays more detailed information about the user.

By default, the Users List is sorted according to Full Name, in ascending alphabetical order. The list can be sorted according to any column, in either ascending or descending order, by clicking on the header of the relevant column.

Users Grid Parameters

The Users grid provides the following information about each user on the list:

Selection checkbox A selected checkbox in the row of a user enables you to perform actions on the user's account (e.g., inactivate the account). Selecting the checkbox in the header row of the grid automatically selects all the users, and you can then perform batch actions on all users.
Full Name The user's first name and last name. Clicking this link opens the View User page for the relevant user.
Alias A friendly name by which the user is known.
User Name The credential used to log into the Admin Console. This parameter may be in email format, but it does not need to be the user's actual email address.
Last Login The most recent date and time at which the user logged into the Admin Console.
Active This column is read-only. A cleared checkbox indicates that the user is currently prevented from performing any operation that requires authentication.
  • Verified: Indicates an established user.
  • Unveried: Indicates a recently created user who has not yet set a password for access to the system.
    Users with an Unverified status are not authorized to access the Admin Console.
Role This read-only column specifies the role of the user.