Each account deployed on Jacada's Interact Server is authorized to run a specified set of applications, as well as a specific number of concurrent agents, as determined by the license file that is provided by Jacada.

A license file must be uploaded for the account to enable it to work with the Admin Console or use any applications that run Interact Flows.

The license is preloaded during account registration. All activities that involve updating a license (e.g., extension, replacement, etc.) are handled by the Jacada Support team.

License Expiration Notice

When a license approaches its expiration date, a notification message will be displayed in the banner at the top of the Admin Console indicating the number of days remaining before it expires.

If your license is due to expire within 24 hours, the following reminder message is displayed in the banner:

Viewing Your License Settings

You can view your current license details and settings from the Subscription tab on the Account Information page:

  1. From the Account menu at the left side of the Admin Console, click Account Information. The Account Information page is displayed.
  2. Click the Subscription tab. The Subscription panel is displayed.

For complete details on the Subscriptions panel, click here.

Changing Account License Settings

To change or update your account license settings, please contact the Jacada Support team.