The Admin Console Home page is displayed upon login to the Admin Console.

About the Admin Console Home Page

The Home page is divided into three main areas: Toolbar (top), Menu Bar (left) and Page Details (center).

Item Element Description
1 Toolbar Quick access icons to main activities.

2 Menu Bar The Menu Bar on the left side of the page expands to provide links to each function of the Console.

The Menu Bar is organized into the following main activity areas:
  • Account. Enables you to manage users and applications, and view Interaction reports.
  • Resources. Enables you to manage Interactions and themes, maintain your image collection, and create variables and web services for data source integration.
  • Settings. Enables you to define chat, call, email server, NLP configurations, and other settings.
  • Administration. (Appears for System Admin role only.) Enables System Administrators to add new accounts to the system and manage the details of existing accounts.
The menus and pages listed will vary according to the current user role and other factors (for example, whether multi environment features are active).
3 Page Details Shows available commands and properties for the page that is currently selected in the Menu Bar.

When the Home page icon is selected, this area displays quick links organized by Menu Bar functions. The quick links that appear will change according to user role.

The last active page is remembered on logout and redisplayed when you reopen the Admin Console.
4 Launch Web Designer Click to run the Web Designer directly from the Admin Console.
5 Logout Cilck to end the current Admin Console session.