All users working with the Interaction Server are assigned a role when their user accounts are created. The role assigned determines the extent of the activities that the user is authorized to perform in the system.

Jacada provides a preset list of roles comprising all the activities required during the entire workflow of an Interaction - from creating it in the Designer, to managing its resources in the Admin Console, to running it by an agent.

The different roles are described in the following table. The roles are listed in the order of ascending privileges (i.e., the Agent role has the fewest permissions, and the System Admin role has the most). The roles are built in a hierarchical fashion, so the permissions for a given role include some unique permissions for that role, plus all the permissions available to the role(s) beneath.

Role Description/Permissions
Agent Agents have permissions to log into each of the Interaction Server clients (Mobile, Web and Agent) and run Interactions.
Agents are not authorized to access the Admin Console.
Designer Designers have permissions to perform all server-related activities in the Designer, such as publishing and capturing Interactions, running Interactions, and viewing server resources (e.g., integration points, system variables, etc.).
Designers are authorized to log into the Admin Console, but they are restricted to read-only privileges.
VXML Connector Admin Users with this role have permissions to view and update all account management menus and most communication settings menus (Chat, Email, etc.). However, they have limited access to server resources. 
For more detailed information about this role, refer to Administration for VXML Connector Users.
Interaction Admin Users with this role have permissions to perform all activities in the Admin Console that are relevant to Interaction management.
Authorized activities involve not only managing the Interactions themselves (e.g., changing status and organizing folders), but also working with server resources that can be used in Interactions (e.g., variables, integration points, images/media, themes and common styles, etc.) and performing deployments of resources and complete environments.
Account Admin Users with this role have permissions to perform all operations related to management of the account. Authorized activities include:
  • Viewing and updating account information
  • Managing applications
  • Managing users
  • Defining and updating account settings (such as Call, Chat, After Hours and Email settings)
  • Performing rollbacks to prior environment snapshots
System Admin Users with this role are authorized to perform all operations in any account in the system. This role is relevant to users who have an on premise installation of Jacada Interact.

For activity-level permission details enabled by default for each user role, refer to Detailed Activity Permissions by User Role.