An Interaction can be closed in any of the following ways:

  • Finishing the Interaction: Clicking the Done button (on the last page of an Interaction) automatically closes the tab, and saves the Interaction instance in the system.
  • Quitting the Interaction: Clicking the Close icon in the tab of an open Interaction opens a warning popup. After confirming that you want to quit, the tab closes, and the Interaction instance is not saved.

  • Saving the Interaction: This option involves saving a partially completed Interaction instance, so it can be continued at a later time.

 Note: One tab in the application must remain open at all times. When an Interaction is closed, and there are no other instances of Interactions open, the tab of the closed Interaction is reloaded with the Interactions list.

The Save button enables you to save a partially completed Interaction instance, so you or another agent can resume running the Interaction at a later time.

For the Save function to behave as expected, both the following conditions need to be met:

To save an Interaction:

  1. At the bottom of the Interaction page, click Save.
    The Save Interaction popup opens.

  2. If desired, in the textbox, enter a name for the Interaction instance. It is recommended to select a name that will distinguish this instance from other saved instances of the same Interaction.
  3. Click Save & Quit.
    The popup closes, and the Interactions tab is displayed. After a browser refresh, the saved Interaction instance is listed in a new row of the Saved Interactions grid.

Working with the Saved Interactions List

This list, which is accessed from the Interactions tab by clicking the Saved Interactions button, lists Interaction instances that you have saved. Instances are sorted according to date. By default, instances are displayed according to the following rules:

  • The instances saved within the past 30 days are listed. (The default value of 30 is configurable in the application settings defined in the Jacada Interact Admin Console.)
  • The list is limited to 100 instances. (The default value of 100 is configurable in the application settings defined in the Jacada Interact Admin Console.)

The following information is provided about each Interaction instance:

Date The date and time that the Interaction was saved. By default, the instance saved most recently is listed first.
User The username of the agent who saved the Interaction.
Interaction The name of the Interaction (defined by the designer who published the Interaction to the Interaction Server).
Saved Name The name assigned to the Interaction instance by the agent who saved the Interaction.
Information Values of the Agent Data API variable set that were exposed by the designer. (For more details, refer to Editing Variable Sets.) The full content of these cells is displayed in a tooltip.

You can sort the list according to any column by clicking the relevant column header. Clicking the Home link at the beginning of the breadcrumbs trail above the grid re-opens the Interactions tab.

For information about opening a saved Interaction instance, refer to Opening Saved Interactions.