You can create a direct URL to an Agent Application, enabling the user to access a specific Flow without seeing a Login page or clicking the Interactions tab.

A direct link can be used to access an Interaction Flow that is in progress (Interaction ID link), or an Interaction that has been completed (History Flow link).

The most efficient way to obtain a direct URL is to copy the link that is provided for you in the Admin Console. Follow the relevant procedure below to get the correct URL.

To obtain the direct URL for an Interaction Flow:

  1. From the Resources menu of the Admin Console, select Interactions. The Interactions page opens:

  2. From the list of Interactions in the Name column, click the name of the relevant Interaction. The Details tab opens:

  3. At the top of the page, click Share. The Share popup opens:

  4. From the Share interaction on dropdown list, verify that Agent is selected.
  5. The Interaction's URL Access link indicates the access protection status of the Interaction for the selected application channel (Opened or Protected). For more information about protecting an Interaction link click here.
  6. If relevant, in the URL Parameters field, enter the parameters that to be appended to the generated URL. The required format is: &param_1=value1&param_2=value2 and so on.
  7. To generate a more friendly URL, from the Shorten Url dropdown list, select True.
  8. Click Generate Link. The URL is displayed in the Interaction URL frame.

Note: For more details about the Share popup and how to use it, refer to Sharing and Distributing a Flow.

Building a Direct URL Manually

As an alternative to the Share popup described above, you can build a direct URL manually. We recommended that you copy and modify the Agent Full URL that is displayed on the Details page of the relevant application (via the Admin Console Applications menu). If you do not have access to the Admin Console, use the relevant structure below to build a direct URL.

Direct Access to a New Interaction

The format for this type of direct URL is:

http://[host:port]/agent-app/?accountId=[accountId_defined]?appkey=[appkey_defined]&interaction=[interaction id]

For example:

Note: The Interaction ID is generated in the Jacada Interaction Server Admin Console, and can be viewed on the Interaction's Details page of the relevant Interaction. For more information, refer to Viewing and Modifying Flow Details.

An Interaction variable may be passed in the direct URL, so that when the Interaction Flow instance starts, variable values will be automatically populated in the pages of the Interaction. In the following example, the URL will launch the Interaction Flow with id=abcd-123456 and will populate the Var1 and Var2 Interaction variables:

Direct Access to a Started or Completed Interaction

The format for this type of direct URL is:

http://[host:port]/agent-app/?appkey=[appkey_defined]&InteractionUniqueId=[unique id]

For example:

In the above example, the Interaction Unique ID System Variable (e.g., 0909015) is used as a parameter to access the Interaction Flow instance. You can also use any other caller attribute as a URL parameter, as detailed in Performing Flow History Searches.

Using this type of direct link provides access to History Flow features, providing a complete summary of the Flow. For complete details, refer to Viewing Flow History.