This client is a web application that is designed to be run in a browser as part of your company website, on the customer’s desktop or laptop computer. Using this web application, customers can perform self service Interactions directly from a company’s website.

Note: The following sections describe how to embed the Web Self Service application into a host web page. Alternatively, you may place a link on your web page that opens the application in a new tab. For details, refer to Sharing an Application Link. To open a specific Interaction in a new tab, refer to Sharing the Interaction URL.

The first step of integration involves constructing an iframe element that will create an embedded widget suitable for the Web Self Service application. The parameters that define the widget's settings are passed in the src property of the iframe. Available parameters are listed in the following table.

Parameter NameDescriptionDefault Value
The location of the widget, which is also the location of the Jacada Interaction Server. For example:
Indicates whether the application's settings are based on an embedded or a standalone design. In the embedded design, some application features (e.g., the search box) are hidden. true
The absolute or relative name of the theme
or jQueryUI theme file. If another theme is defined
for the application in the Admin Console, the theme parameter will be overridden.
Unique identifier for the application. This parameter is required.  
Identifier for the tenant's account. This parameter is required.  
Indicates how to handle authentication when login is required to access secured Interactions.
  • popup: The Login form is displayed in a popup.
  • redirect: Allows custom implementation.
The Designer ID of the Interaction that starts
running when the client is loaded.  If this parameter is not provided, a list of Interactions is displayed.
The authentication token passed by the Authentication Server, for access to secured Interactions.  
Indicates whether there is a return to the application
after a required login for secured Interaction access.
When the value is true, the Interaction resumes at
the point where the user encountered the authentication requirement.
Note: This parameter is relevant only when the value for the oauthMode parameter is redirect.
showChat Determines whether the Chat button is displayed.
If the value is false, the button is hidden even when a Chat button is defined in the Interaction.
lang Language locale. This parameter overrides the default language of the browser.  

The following example shows an iframe element that will create a embedded widget suitable for a Web Self Service application:

<iframe type=“text/html" height=100% width=100% style=“border:none"
&lang=en wmarginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" style="border: none;”>

For details about embedding the widget in the host application, refer to Creating the Host Page.