Jacada's Ticket Guidance Zendesk app brings flexible, intuitive and effective guidance directly into a Zendesk ticketing platform, making ticket resolution easier and faster.

Note: You can install our Ticket Guidance app to your account directly from the Zendesk Marketplace.

Zendesk Ticket Guidance Overview

Jacada Ticket Guidance integrates Jacada agent guidance and scripting directly within Zendesk for display when working on a ticket. Agents are guided step-by-step on the most efficient route to resolve complex tickets, resulting in a more uniform resolution process.

The Ticket Guidance app can build on all of the features and capabilities available to Interaction Flows in Interact.

Using Ticket Guidance, you create detailed, interactive workflows and provide recommended actions to the agent, based on real-time information:

You can also enable an agent to select from a list of guidance options when a new ticket is opened:

Note: Zendesk integration is not compatible with on-premise installations.

How Zendesk Ticket Guidance Works

Ticket Guidance integrates with Zendesk in the following ways:

  • Getting Data from Zendesk. Jacada Agent Scripting is used to create a set of pre-configured System variables for integration within Interaction Flows which are exposed to Zendesk. During runtime, the values of these variables are populated with data from the active Zendesk ticket, and this information is used by the Flow.
  • Performing Operations in the Zendesk Environment. Integration Points defined in the Interaction Flow are used to perform actions in Zendesk. For example, you can design an Integration Point to create a ticket, or to update an existing ticket.
  • Displaying Interactive Flows in Zendesk. An agent working with tickets can see either a list of relevant Interaction Flows (pre-ticket display mode) or a pre-defined Interaction Flow (in-ticket display mode). The configuration settings for a relevant Interact Application, as well as exposed Interaction Flows, can be updated whenever needed.

Setting Up Ticket Guidance

You configure the Jacada Ticket Guidance app using the following steps:

  1. Enable the app for your Interact account in the Admin Console.
  2. Install the Ticket Guidance app from the Zendesk Marketplace.
  3. Adjust Ticket Guidance app and Interact Application client settings as required.
  4. Develop and maintain Interaction Flows that are used by your Ticket Guidance app.