Ticket Guidance is an agent support application embedded in the Zendesk Marketplace. The application integrates Interaction flows into the ticketing environment, providing agents with detailed workflows and recommended actions to perform next. This enables the agents to most efficiently handle complex tickets. 

Note: Zendesk integration is not available to users who have an on-premise installation.

Ticket Guidance handles Zendesk integration in the following ways:

  • Obtaining data from Zendesk: Jacada Agent Scripting provides a set of preconfigured system variables (Zendesk variable set) to integrate Interactions with the Zendesk portal. In runtime, the values of these variables are populated with data from a Zendesk ticket, and this information is incorporated into the Interaction.
    For more details about the variables, refer to Zendesk System Variables.
  • Performing operations in the Zendesk environment: Integration Points in the Interaction are used to perform actions in Zendesk. For example, you can design an Integration Point to create a ticket, or to update an existing ticket in some way.

For agents to be able to use Ticket Guidance, you need to download the application from Zendesk's Apps Marketplace, and install it in your Zendesk portal by configuring several application settings. Then, you enable the Zendesk partner application in the Admin Console.

After application settings are configured in the Zendesk Marketplace, agents working with tickets will see either a list of Interactions or a predefined Interaction (depending on whether they are in Pre-ticket or In-ticket mode). The application settings in the portal (e.g., the Interaction that is displayed) can be updated at any time, as required. In addition, from the Admin Console you may view the application's authentication settings and runtime look and feel, as with any other Jacada client. 

The following topics present more detailed information about the Zendesk application: