Interaction Flow design supports many flexible use cases when integrating Jacada Ticket Guidance with Zendesk.

The Zendesk In-Ticket Sample Interaction Flow, provided out-of-the-box with Interact, is an example of a flow that agents can use in In-ticket mode:

This Flow demonstrates some standard Interact steps for improving real-time call efficiency, including:

  • Using various Question types in sequence to aid in call troubleshooting
  • Assigning values to Zendesk variables in order to direct ticket flow
  • Creating a Decision Point to add rules-based logic to ticket flow
  • Branching to a Sub-Flow to broaden the scope of troubleshooting when needed

Note: For a clearer understanding, we recommend that you open the Zendesk In-Ticket Sample Flow in Interact with this Flow assigned as the default for In-ticket mode in the Ticket Guidance app. This enables you to examine how each of the Flow steps work as you use a Zendesk ticket.

For more details on how to assign an Interaction Flow for use in In-ticket mode, click here.




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