There are two main ways to access and launch the Interaction Designer:

  • Launch the Designer from your local environment: If you downloaded and installed the Interaction Designer, open the Designer from the Start menu, or double-click the desktop icon.
  • Launch the Designer from the Jacada Interaction Server Admin Console: At the lower left corner of any page of the Admin Console, click the Launch Designer button:

When you access the Designer from the Admin Console, the Designer is launched using one of the following technologies, depending on your license type:

  • Web Start
  • Virtual Desktop

Launching the Designer Using Web Start

In this setup, the Interaction Designer is launched using Java Web Start technology. As the application runs on a Java Platform, you need to have Java installed on your machine to successfully launch the Designer.

Note: If the Designer does not launch and a File Download popup opens after you click Launch Designer, it is likely that Java is not installed. Jacada recommends installing Java 7 (64-bit) with build 21 or later. To download Java, click here. The download is free of charge.

Launching the Designer on a Remote Desktop

In this setup, the Interaction Designer is launched on a virtual desktop using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology. Since the application runs remotely, there is no need to install Java locally, and no troubleshooting is required when launching the Designer.

Note: The VDI solution is supported only on HTML5 enabled browsers. It is not currently supported for on premise installations.

To ensure a secure remote session, login is required to access the Designer. By default, the username used to log into the Admin Console is displayed, but the password field is blank. For example:

Valid passwords need to be at least 8 characters long. In addition, two of the following three requirements must be met:

  • A combination of upper case and lower case letters
  • A combination of letters and numbers
  • Use of special characters

Users whose existing passwords do not meet the upgraded password requirements are presented with an Expired Password popup when attempting to log in. 

When users click OK, the Change password popup opens. Users are not able to access the Designer until the password has been reset.

Following a successful login, the Interaction Designer is enabled.

The virtual desktop application has an inactivity timeout of one hour. If no actions are performed in the Interaction Designer for 60 consecutive minutes, your session is automatically ended, and you are redirected to the Jacada homepage.

For information about special features and issues related to working with a remote Designer, refer to Virtual Desktop Sessions: Considerations and Features.