The Zendesk variables are a set of preconfigured system variables provided to enable integration of Interactions with the Zendesk portal. The Zendesk partner application needs to be enabled (from the Admin Console) in order for these variables to be visible in the Interaction Designer. 

By default, initial values are empty, and can be allocated by the designer. (For instructions on changing the initial value of a system variable, refer to System Variables.) In runtime, the values of these variables are populated with data from a Zendesk ticket, and this information is incorporated into the Interaction.

Note: For detailed information about configuring integration with Zendesk, refer to Enabling Zendesk Integration. Zendesk integration is not available to users who have an on-premise installation.

The Zendesk variables are listed and described in the following table.

Variable NameTypeDescription
Agent Email Text  Email of an agent (or group of agents) handling a ticket.
Group Text An agent group related to a ticket.
Technician ID Text Technician identifier.
Ticket Assignee Text Name of the person who is assigned the ticket. 
Ticket ID Text  Ticket identifier.
Ticket Priority Text Level of urgency of the ticket (Low, High, etc.).
Ticket Subject Text The text in the Subject line of the ticket. 
Ticket Submitter Text Name of the person who opened the ticket.