When multilingual flows are needed, the Interaction Designer enables you to create a single Interaction and then translate the content into the required languages. (Jacada Interact currently supports 18 languages.) You may either enter the additional language content yourself, or you can have the system translate the original content.
The Multilingual Support dialog, which is accessed from the menu bar by selecting Interaction > Multilingual Support, allows you to manage the language support for a given Interaction. By default, English is the supported language.

The Add button enables you to add language packages to an Interaction. A language package allows you to create content (such as titles, labels, headers, footers and help text) in a selected language for every visible Interaction element, including:

Once language packages have been added to the Interaction, the Language List appears on the left side of the definition dialogs for the visible Interaction elements, and you can select the language to be used when entering content. The designer defined default language is always listed first.

For more information about adding/removing language packages and defining the default language, refer to Managing Language Packages.
For details about how to present a multilingual Interaction to the end user,refer to Displaying the Preferred Language in Runtime.