Jacada Interaction Server supports the following features to provide assistance to users who are navigating through Interactions:

  • Call Us: Enables a user to call an agent.
  • Callback: Enables a user to request a callback from an agent.
  • Chat: Enables a user to initiate a chat session with a call center agent.
  • Email: Enables a user to send an email to a call center agent.

The Interaction Designer provides the following methods of offering customer assistance within an Interaction:

  • Contact Us Element: This is an independent Interaction element that you can insert at appropriate points in the Interaction flow. In runtime, the end user may select one of the assistance options provided, or skip this step by clicking the Next button. For example:


Note: The Contact Us Interaction element is not supported in the Agent Application.


  • Displaying the Contact Us Button: Most visual Interaction elements support the ability to activate customer assistance options from the current page of the Interaction. When assistance features are enabled, the Contact Us button appears on the menu bar of the relevant page of the Interaction. For example:

In runtime, clicking Contact Us opens the Contact Us page, on which the end user can view and select the assistance features that are enabled. For details about the Contact Us page, refer to Customer Assistance Options in Runtime.

Enabling Customer Assistance
To enable the customer assistance features, the following setup needs to be done:

  • Jacada Interaction Server Admin Console: Call and Chat settings need to be properly configured. In addition, to enable the Callback feature, the Allow Call Return setting in each relevant application (Mobile Web and Web Self Service) needs to be set to Yes.
    Call, Chat, and Application settings can be configured by Account Administrators and System Administrators only. For more information about these settings, refer to Configuring Customer Assistance Settings.
  • Interaction Designer: The relevant assistance options need to be activated, either by creating a Contact Us Interaction element, or by enabling customer assistance settings within a visual Interaction element. For details, refer to Creating Customer Assistance Options in the Interaction Designer.