A Usage Report provides a summary of account statistics that are relevant for billing purposes. Most report data is collected from usage dashboard reports. The Usage Report is generated in .xls format.

The following information is provided in a Usage Report:

  • Total number of Interaction Flows run, with a breakdown according to application
  • Maximum and average number of concurrent agent sessions (for Agent Application and Ticket Guidance): 
    • Maximum: Within the selected timeframe, the peak number of concurrent sessions that occurred during the hour which had the most concurrent sessions.
    • Average: Within the selected timeframe, the number of concurrent sessions occurring per hour, divided by the total number of reported hours. If no concurrent sessions occurred during a specific hour, then that hour is excluded from the average calculation.
  • Maximum and average number of concurrent Interaction Flows in the Mobile Web application and in the Web Self Service application
  • Use of assistance services, including total number of Call Now clicks, Callback clicks, Chat clicks, and Email clicks
  • DNIS Service usage (if applicable to the account): Number of phone numbers that were purchased from the third party provider, and total number of Call Now minutes accumulated
  • Outgoing SMS usage (if applicable to the account): Number of SMS messages sent containing a campaign link.

To generate a Usage Report:

  1. From the menu bar, select Account > Dashboard.
    The Dashboard page opens.
  2. Specify a time period for the report by clicking the calendar icons and selecting start and end dates.
  3. Verify that the time zone displayed next to the calendar icons is relevant to your working environment. If necessary, change the time zone by updating the setting on the Account Information page.

    Note: Interaction Flow data is collected in the Interact databases and aggregated into 24-hour periods according to UTC time. When a request to display Dashboard data is received, the relevant 24-hour period in UTC time is automatically adjusted forward or backward to accommodate the time difference between UTC and the user-selected time zone. 
  4. Click Export.
    The Usage Report is generated and downloaded. The default file name is usage.xls.
    The following figure shows the template for the structure of the Usage Report: