DNIS is a dedicated client used for call integration. There are two types of DNIS applications. The application that is available to you is determined by your license settings.

  • DNIS Application: Allows you to manage your own list of phone numbers to be allocated in runtime.
  • DNIS Service Application: Allows you to purchase a set of phone numbers from Jacada. The pool of phone numbers is managed by a third party, and numbers are added/removed automatically according to utilization.

Note: Customers who have an on-premise installation need some additional integration to activate the DNIS Service application. For more information, click here.

Both applications support allocating a unique Interaction identifier to an available phone number and retrieving the unique Interaction identifier, based on the dialed phone number. This process enables the agent taking the call to view the Interaction history in the Agent Application.

DNIS Manager Workflow: DNIS Application

The workflow of the DNIS Manager is summarized in the following steps:

  1. In the Connectivity menu of the Admin Console, account administrators define a list of supported phone numbers. If relevant, phone numbers can be categorized into groups, by assigning a Group Name to each number.
  2. When a user presses the Call button while navigating through an Interaction, that Interaction's unique identifier is allocated to one of the available phone numbers.
  3. When the user dials the number, the IVR retrieves the unique Interaction identifier. The phone number is automatically  released from allocation following a predefined timeout period.

DNIS Manager Workflow: DNIS as a Service

The call handling workflow of the DNIS Service is similar to that of the DNIS application, but the call is received by and handled through a third party provider. The call flow is summarized in the following diagram.

When DNIS Manager is selected as the Call Now handling method, the link on the Connectivity page accesses the DNIS Manager tab. This tab allows you to view your list of phone numbers and (if you have the DNIS Application) manage the phone numbers list.

The following topics describe how to work with the DNIS applications and the list of phone numbers: