Jacada Interact supports the following features to provide assistance to users who are navigating through Interactions:

  • Call Now: Enables a user to call an agent.
  • Call Return: Enables a user to request a callback from an agent.
  • Chat: Enables a user to initiate a chat session with a call center agent.
  • Email: Enables a user to send an email to a call center agent.

Each of these features can be enabled or disabled in each of your Mobile Web and Web Self Service applications, by configuring the application's Contact Us settings. 

When a designer activates these features in an Interaction element, the Contact Us button appears on the menu bar of the Interaction page. For example:

In runtime, clicking Contact Us opens the Contact Us page, on which the end user can view and select the assistance features that are activated.

To enable proper functioning of the customer assistance features, the appropriate settings need to be configured in the following pages of the Admin Console: