Jacada Interact enables you to call web services to retrieve information from external data sources. Such web service calls are termed web service Integration Points. The following types of Integration Points are supported:

  • User: Retrieve information that is useful in designing an Interaction design (e.g., calling a CRM service to retrieve customer information).
  • Custom Validation: Validate an input that is entered by the end user (e.g., calling a CRM service to check whether a certain ID number exists).
  • Callback: Sends a request to a CTI service to add a customer to the CTI's callback mechanism. This type of integration point is used to handle customer requests to have an agent contact them.

Note: Custom Validation and Callback types are supported by the REST method only.

Integration Points are created and managed on the Admin Console by users with administrative roles. The Web Service Integration Points page lists the Integration Points that have been configured for your account. The Add feature allows you to create new SOAP and REST Integration Points. When the new Integration Points are approved, they are listed in the Interaction Designer and can be used within Interactions.

The Web Service Integration Points page is accessed from the Resources menu, by selecting Integration Points.

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