The Edit Variable Sets feature enables you to specify which variable sets used in an Interaction will be exposed to an agent. When a connection to an agent is made, these variable sets are sent to the telephony system of the call center. They can then be forwarded to the relevant agent. (For details, refer to the Get User Variable Set API.)

Notes: All variable sets are stored in the variableset_config.xml file. For more information, refer to Updating the variableset_config.xml (below).

To edit variable sets:

  1. From the Edit menu of the relevant Interaction, select Variable Sets.
    The Variable Sets window opens, listing all defined variable sets, and each set's Set ID value.

  2. Click the icon in the row of the relevant variable set.
    The Variable Set Definition dialog opens, listing all variables that are used in the variable set. The variables that are listed in the Variable Set frame are those that are exposed.

  3. Use the Add and Remove buttons to define the variables in the frames. To move a variable into the Variable Set frame, select the variable, and then click Add. To remove a variable from the Variable Set frame, select the variable, and then click Remove.
    If there are variables that you do not want to expose to the Agent API, verify that those variables are listed in the All Variables frame.
  4. If desired, use the arrow buttons to the right of the Variable Set frame to arrange the order of the variables list: Select a variable, and then clck the relevant arrow button to move its position in the list up or down.
  5. Click OK.
    Definitions for the variable set are saved.
  6. To edit definitions for additional variable sets used in the Interaction, repeat Steps 2-5.
  7. When editing is complete, at the lower right corner of the Variable Sets window, click Close.

Updating the variableset_config.xml

All preconfigured variable sets are stored in the variableset_config.xml file, which can be found in the installation directory of the Interaction Designer. The following figure shows a file with parameters for variable sets.

Name (e.g., Routing Data API)

is the name that appears in the Designer, and

variables_set_ID (e.g., routingDataSet)

is the parameter used for the API.

The variable sets provided can be modified according to organizational needs, and new variable sets can be added to the file as necessary. If adding a set is required, it is recommended to copy and paste an existing variable set, and then modify it as required.