You delete System Variables from Interact using the Admin Console.


  1. From the Resources section of the Admin Console, click System Variables. The System Variables page is displayed.
  2. Click the trashcan icon at the right side of the System Variable that you want to delete:

    A warning message will be displayed.
    Note: System Variables cannot be deleted while working in locked TEST or PROD environments of a Multi Environment Account. It is possible to delete them from an unlocked TEST environment and from a DEV environment. No warning is provided before deletion in the DEV environment.
  3. Click Yes. The selected System Variable will be deleted from Interact and a completion message will be displayed.


Handling Conflicts Caused by Deletion

Interact uses a special mechanism to handle conflicts in the Web Designer that may be caused by deleting a System Variable that is being used by a Flow.

Should such a situation arise, the Web Designer will automatically generate a replacement User Variable of the same type and value in any affected Flows.

This mechanism means that the deleted System Variable will still be available (as a User Variable) to any Flow that used it previously.

Because of this mechanism, no conflict warnings will be generated when deleting a System Variable that is currently used in a Flow.