These variable definitions are pre-defined and hard-coded as part of the Interaction Designer installation, and there is no option to modify definitions through the UI. In addition, they cannot be allocated with values through the Interaction flow. Instead, they are allocated with predefined values by the server at runtime.
The Read Only variables can be viewed using the Read Only Variables tab of the Variables Definition dialog. (To access the dialog, from the Edit menu, select Variables.) As these variables cannot be modified by users, the Edit icons are disabled.

Read Only variables are listed and described in the following table.

Variable Name Request Header Type Sent by Agent App Sent by Web Self Service Sent by Mobile Self Service Example/Notes
Access Token Access-Token text Yes Yes Yes Oauth2 returned token.
Accuracy Accuracy Number No No Yes Example: 1414
Altitude Altitude text No No Yes Example: 73
Altitude Accuracy Altitude Accuracy Number No No Yes Example: 1414
Android Id Android Id text No No Yes A 64-bit number (as a hex string) that is randomly generated on the device's first boot. This number should remain constant for the lifetime of the device.
Bearing Bearing Number No No Yes Compass direction degrees, e.g., 322
Brand Brand text No No Yes The brand the software is customized for, if any (e.g., Samsung).
Call Return Number Entered call Return Number Entered text No No No Set to the number entered by the Interaction user when a callback request is generated.
Click to Call Caller ID click to Call Caller ID text No No No Set when Interaction user calls the Call Now phone number presented. Relevant when Call Now handling method is DNIS Service Application.
Camera Is Available Camera Is Available Boolean No No Yes
  • True: Device has a camera
  • False: Device does not have a camera
Device Name Device Name text No No Yes (Legacy) As modern mobile browsers do not report this information, this variable will always be empty.
Device OS Device OS text Yes Yes Yes Replaces Device-Type (used for mobile application version validation).
  • Android
  • iPhone OS
Device OS Version Device OS Version text Yes Yes Yes Replaces Os-Platform-Version (was used for mobile application version validation).
Example: 5.1.1.
Device Platform Device-Platform text No No Yes Examples:
  • iPhone 4/5
  • GT-I9300
Device Serial ID Device Serial ID text No No Yes  
DTMF DTMF text Yes Yes Yes A unique number that is generated by the server when Voice Settings are set to DTMF.
ICCID ICCID text No No N/A  
IMEI IMEI text No No Yes  
IMSI IMSI text No No Yes International Mobile Subscriber Identity
Interaction unique ID User-id text Yes Yes Yes The server-generated unique id (could be generated by the cover app).
JMA Module Version JMA-Module-Version text Yes Yes Yes Used for mobile application version validation.
Example: Currently 2 in iPhone, 5 in Android.
JMA Version JMA Version text Yes Yes Yes Example:
Latitude Latitude text No No Yes Example: 32.160454
Locale Locale text Yes Yes Yes Example: en-US
Longitude Longitude text No No Yes Example: 34.889416
Manufacturer Manufacturer text No No Yes The manufacturer of the product/hardware (e.g., Samsung).
Navigation Current Page Navigation-Current-Page Number No Yes No  
Navigation Start Time Navigation-Start-Time Date No Yes No  
SIM State SIM State text No No Yes  
Screen DPI Screen DPI Number No No Yes Replaces UA-resolution
Screen Height Screen Height Number Yes Yes Yes Pixels (replaces UA-pixels)
Screen Width Screen Width Number Yes Yes Yes Pixels (replaces UA-pixels)
Speed Speed Number Yes Yes Yes Example: 35
Time Stamp Time Stamp Number Yes Yes Yes Will be shown in milliseconds. When necessary, this variable can be shown in a date format by allocating it into a date variable.
Time Zone Time Zone text Yes Yes Yes  
WIFI WIFI Boolean No No Yes