These variable definitions are predefined and hard-coded as part of the Interaction Designer installation, and there is no option to modify definitions through the UI. However, these variables can be used and allocated with values at any stage during the Interaction workflow.
System variables can be viewed and updated using the System Variables tab of the Variables Definition dialog. (To access the dialog, from the Edit menu, select Variables.)

Preconfigured system variables that are provided with the Interaction Designer are listed in the following table. Initial values can be allocated by the designer, but cannot be added, removed, or modified.

Preconfigured System Variables

Variable NameTypeInitial ValueNotes
Agent Skill Text “”  
Call Now Phone Number Text
Used in the Call Now functionality, as the target number to dial.
Call Now Target Description Text
“Call Center”
A description of the target to call, e.g., call center, financial department, etc.
Customer ID Text “”  
Customer Profile Text “”  
DNIS Group Text “” Used by the DNIS Manager to determine the pool from which to provide a phone number for a customer to call. For example, you can create pools of numbers according to department (sales, technical support, etc.), or you can use different pools for different geographical regions.
First Name Text “”  
historySearchId Text “” A unique identifier defined by the call center and passed in a URL parameter, or allocated to a variable in the Interaction. This identifier is used by agents to search for the Interaction history.

Note: The name of the variable to which historySearchId is allocated should not contain any spaces.
IP Status Text “”

Returns a value indicating whether or not a web service Integration Point performed as expected. The Interact Server updates the value of the variable after each run of the Integration Point.

Note: It is recommended not to delete this system variable, even if you do not normally use it.

Language Text “”  
Last Name Text “”  
Non Audit Boolean false Determines whether user input will be saved in the database and the log files. For more information, refer to Protecting User Input.
Phone Number Text “”  
Target Telephony Queue Text “” Used for routing purposes. May hold a Queue ID, to make the Queue ID name a more user-friendly one.

To change the initial value of a system variable:

  1. From the Element Explorer pane, expand the Variable elements node. Under System Variables, right-click on the name of the relevant variable, and select Edit.
    The Variable Definition dialog opens.

  2. In the Value field, enter the desired initial value.
  3. Click OK.
    The new value is defined.