The Interaction Designer enables you to insert videos into any HTML content (e.g., when composing a Statement using the HTML Editor). The videos that are available for your use are stored on the Interaction Server, in the Media Library. Each account has a unique video collection in the Media Library. Once a video has been inserted into an Interaction, users are able to play the video using the Mobile Web and Web Self Service applications.
Videos are inserted from the Interaction Designer Editor. The Editor is accessed by clicking the Editor button, which is available on the General tab of the Definition dialog of most Interaction elements. For example:

To insert a video into HTML content:

  1. In the HTML Editor, place the cursor at the position in which you want to insert the video. Then, from the toolbar of the Editor, click IconInsertMedia.
    The Insert Media popup opens.

  2. From the Media item name dropdown list, select the video you want to insert. Then, click OK.
    A blank placeholder image, representing the size of the video on the Interaction page, is displayed in the Editor.

  3. Click OK.
    The Editor closes.
  4. Save the Interaction element.
  5. To test the video, right-click on the Interaction element, select run, and then play the video from the simulator.