A Menu item enables you to organize Choice elements according to categories, allowing users to navigate more easily to the desired choice. Each category can contain an unlimited number of options (choices). Currently, a 2-tier menu is supported.
The following example shows how a menu is configured in the Designer, and how the options (choices) are displayed to the end user.

A Menu item needs to be preceded by a multiple choice Question type that has a click to continue display option. The Choice elements are defined within the menu. The Menu item is followed by other elements that continue the Interaction flow according to the selected option. Each option defined in the Menu item must be linked to another Interaction element. (It is possible for several options to lead to the same element.) In the Interaction Map, the Connectors between the Menu item and the next elements are labeled with the selected option.
The following diagram shows the general flow of a Menu item in an Interaction. In this case, each option is followed by a Statement, but the options can be followed by whatever other element is appropriate, according to the Interaction flow.

For details about creating and editing a Menu element, refer to Designing a Menu Item.