Choice elements provide a set of options with which users can answer a given Question. Each Choice element represents one option. It is recommended to use Choice items in conjunction with other Choice items and a Question element.
For example, the Question What is your favorite color? can be followed by 4 Choice items: Red, Green, Blue, and Other. When the Other Choice is selected, users could then be prompted to enter their favorite color.
The following diagram shows the general flow of Choice elements used in an Interaction. In this case, the Choices are followed by Statements, but Choices can be followed by whatever other element is appropriate, according to the Interaction flow.

Creating and modifying a Choice item involves specifying settings in the Choice Definition dialog. When designing a Choice using the Choice Definition dialog, users must select from predefined options. (They are not able to provide their own input for a response.) Images may be used as part or all of the Choice label.

To create a Choice element:

  1. From the Insert menu, select Choice. Alternatively, from the Interaction Elements toolbar, click  and then click inside the Interaction Map.
    The Choice Definition dialog opens.

  2. In the Reference name field, enter the name of the Choice item. The name should be unique, so it can be used for referencing.
    The reference name appears only in Design view. It is not visible to users.
  3. In the Choice/Button Label field, enter the text that users running the Interaction will see on the page./
  4. If desired, from the Choice Image frame, select and upload an image from the server’s Image Library. For details, refer to Inserting Images.
  5. Click OK.
    The Choice Definition dialog closes, and the Choice element is displayed on the Interaction Map.

After creating your Choice elements, connect the appropriate ones to a relevant Question element. Then, from the Choices tab of the Question element, set the order in which the Choices are displayed to the user.