A connector is a visual connection between two nodes or elements in an Interaction. The connector depicts information flow between the two elements. The Interaction element from which the connector is inserted is called the starting element. The ending element is the Interaction element to which the connector is drawn.
The number of connectors that can be drawn from a starting element varies according to the type of element involved. In most cases, when users attempt to draw an invalid connector, the Designer generates a notification message.

Note: Before inserting a connector, verify that the Interaction Map zoom is at 100%.

To insert a connector:

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over an existing Interaction element, until the cursor becomes a cross hair (+).
  2. Click the left mouse button. While holding the button down, drag the mouse to the ending element, and then release the mouse button.
    A connector is drawn between the two elements.

The workflow for continuing the Interaction after a connector is drawn varies according to the starting and ending elements. For example, if the starting element is a Yes/No Question, the user is prompted to indicate whether the ending element is a Yes response or a No response. Then, the next connector the user draws from that Question is assumed to be the alternate response.