This Editor is a standard HTML editor, with the following additional features:

  • The Elements tree, at the left side of the page, allows you to select variables or any element used in the Interaction, and drag-and-drop it into the text pane.
  • The Insert Image icon enables you to insert images, using either a public URL or the web server’s Image Library. For details, refer to Inserting Images.
  • The Insert Media icon enables you to insert a video from the web server’s Media Library. For details, refer to Inserting Videos.
  • The Style Class list allows you to apply predefined styles to content that is displayed to users. The set of styles is defined in the Jacada Interaction Server Admin Console. For more information about predefined styles, refer to Defining and Using Common Styles.

The Interaction Designer Editor is accessed by clicking the Editor button, which is available on the General tab of the Definition dialog of most Interaction elements.