This article explains how to configure settings to enable communication between the Designer and the Interaction Server. Configuring server settings involves specifying the URL of the server, providing the credentials associated with server access, and defining proxy server settings (if relevant).

Note: When the Interaction Designer is launched on a virtual desktop, the server URL is predefined and not editable. However, you may update credentials and change the application key, as necessary.

To define server settings:

  1. From the Options menu of the Interaction Designer, select Settings.
    The Settings dialog appears, with the Web Server tab displayed by default.

  2. In the Server URL field, enter the URL of the Interaction Server.
    Note: In a cluster configuration, the Server URL should point to the URL of the load balancer.
  3. If credentials are required for server access, select the checkbox. Then, enter the relevant username and password in the appropriate textboxes.
  4. In the Application Key field, enter the application key for the Interaction Designer.
  5. If you use a proxy server, select the Use Proxy checkbox. Then, enter the address and port of the proxy server in the appropriate fields. If relevant, enter the credentials required for server access in the Username and Password textboxes.
  6. To test the settings that you entered, click Test.
    When the settings are verified, a Connection Successful message appears. If the test is unsuccessful, one of the following error messages is displayed:
    • Wrong Credentials
    • Wrong Server URL
    • Wrong Application Key
    • Wrong Account Name
  7. Click OK.
    Server settings are configured and saved.