DNIS is a dedicated client used for call integration. There are two types of DNIS applications. The application that is available to you is determined by your license settings.

  • DNIS Application: Allows you to manage your own list of phone numbers to be allocated in runtime.
  • DNIS Service Application: Allows you to purchase a set of phone numbers from Jacada. The pool of phone numbers is managed by a third party, and numbers are added/removed automatically according to utilization.

Both applications support allocating a unique Interaction identifier to an available phone number and retrieving the unique Interaction identifier, based on the dialed phone number. This process enables the agent taking the call to view the Interaction history in the Agent Application.

The settings on the Details tab of the DNIS applications are not modifiable. However, it is possible to regenerate the application key by clicking Edit and then Re-Generate. The Inactivate button at the top of the page enables you to inactivate (and then re-activate) the application.

Note: Multi Environment accounts may regenerate the application key from the PROD environment only.

Note: In the DNIS Service application, the Inactivate button is disabled.

For more information about the DNIS applications and the DNIS phone number list, refer to Working with the DNIS Manager.