An application key is required for communication with the Interact Server. Each account has unique application keys for each application that is defined on the Applications page. Out-of-the-box applications come with a predefined application key. When you add new applications, an application key is generated for you automatically by Interact.

As a security precaution, you can regenerate application keys at regular intervals. If you suspect that security on any of your applications has been breached in any way, you should regenerate the application key immediately.

Regenerating the application key is done from the Edit panel of an Application's Details page. After the application key is regenerated, your users need to update the value of the application key in their application settings.

Note: When working in a Multi Environment account, you can only regenerate the application key from the PROD environment.

  1. From the Applications page, click the desired Application Name The Application Details page is displayed.
  2. At the right upper corner of the page, click Edit. The fields become editable.
  3. At the right side of the page, click Re-Generate.

    The application key will be regenerated and displayed in the Application Key field.
  4. Copy and distribute the new application key to your users.

In most instances, the new application key needs to be appended to the URL that is used to access the application.