An Application provides access to additional functionality for Interact or Interact Flows. It usually serves to add features that enhance collaboration, communication or data collection.

An Application is always based on a Channel template, which determines the methods it uses to integrate with Interact.

The following Applications are provided out-of-the-box to all customers:

Designer The web-based Designer used to create and modify Interaction and Intent Flows, and publish them to Interact.
Admin Console This application, that allows you to manage all aspects of your account, configure resources and define settings for customer assistance features.
Agent Full A dedicated client designed for call center use that enables Agent management of all customer interactions.
Agent History only A dedicated client designed for call center use, allowing Agents to view Flow history during a session with a customer.
Agent Assistant A dedicated client that supports Agent activities with Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines.
Customer Assistant A dedicated client that supports Customer requests to Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines.
Mobile Web A dedicated client designed for web-based applications used on mobile devices.
Web Self Service A dedicated client designed for web-based applications used primarily in browsers, with options for secure logins.
Public API Service A dedicated client used for invoking third-party APIs.
Raw Data Service (RDS) A data service application enabling access to advanced data handling and storage capabilities.
Login A dedicated client for creating customized Login procedures and dialogs.
DNIS DNIS is a dedicated client used for call integration.

Access rights to each Application will vary according to your license type.

Note: You can see which Applications are available to your account by viewing Subscription details from the Account Information page.

All out-of-the-box Applications use default Interact security settings, and come with a generated application key. You can change default Application settings at any time to suit your requirements.

Working with Applications

The Applications page of the Admin Console displays the list of all Applications that are configured to work with your account, as shown below:

The page provides basic information about each Application, including its Channel Type and activity status. Clicking a specific Application displays detailed settings for the selected Application.

The Active checkbox at the right side of each Application indicates whether it is currently able to communicate with the Interact Server. When the checkbox is not selected, an Application's key is disabled and users are unable to access Flows or features using that Application.

You use the Applications page to inactivate or reactivate Applications and add new Applications.

You use the detailed settings page to view and configure its parameters and methods, run and share the Application, regenerate its Application key and customize the UI for the Application.