To help ensure user account security, an Interact System Admin or Account Admin does not have the ability to manually set a new user's password. Instead, when a new user is created, the following process takes place:

  1. Initial User Verification. Upon creation, a password verification email is sent to the new user. Clicking the link embedded in the email redirects the new user to the Choose Your Password page, where they can create a password independently:

    Until the new user creates their password, they are given Unverified status and are not able to access and use the system.

    After the user password is created, their status changes to Verified and can access the system according to their assigned Role.

    You can view the user's current status on the Users page.
  2. Verification Follow-Up Reminder. New users who do not choose their password within a week of account creation are sent a reminder email.
  3. Verification Final Reminder. New users who do not respond to the reminder email are automatically deleted from the system 14 days after their account was created.

    Three days before account deletion, an email notification is sent to the Admin user who created the new account.


Users who are created with an Inactive activity status do not receive automatic emails. When that user's activity status is changed to Active, the initial verification email is sent and expiration countdown begins.

If the email address of an Unverified (but Active) user is updated by an Admin, the initial verification email is resent to the new user address, and expiration countdown is reset.