The Account Information page provides general information about your account, such as the company name, contact information and account type details.

The settings on this page are initially defined by the System Administrator when your account is created. After account creation, the settings can be updated by anyone with Account Admin (or higher) privileges.

Account Information Page Overview

You access the Account Information page the Admin Console Account menu by clicking Account Information.

Find the following information on your Account Information page:

Setting Description
Organization Name Name of the company that maintains the account.
Organization ID A unique identifier for the account. This identifier is appended to the URL used to access the Admin Console, e.g., <server:port>/admin/login/jacada
Primary Contact Email The email address of the user who manages the account.
Account type JAS or VIVR.
License type Trial or Full.
Zendesk Enabled Indicates whether or not the Zendesk partner application is currently enabled.
Created on Date and time of account creation.
Modified by Username of the user who most recent updated account settings.
Main Address Contact details for the company.
Web Site
Time Zone The time zone according to which aggregated Interaction data is displayed in the usage dashboard and in Interact Reports. The default time zone is UTC.

Note: Interaction data for dashboard and reporting purposes is collected in the Interact databases and aggregated into 24-hour periods according to UTC time. When users submit a request to display Dashboard data or to run a custom report, the relevant 24-hour period in UTC time is automatically adjusted forward or backward to accommodate the time difference between UTC and the user-selected time zone. 
Locale The geographic locale defined for this account. This setting enables you to select a specific locale that will be used for time and date formats in Interact reports.
  • Select the Use browser locale checkbox (the default) to set the account locale to that of the browser being used to run and view reports.
  • Select the Use account locale checkbox to open a dropdown box that enables you to choose a specific locale from a standard list, as shown below:

    When Use account locale is activated, the selected locale will be set for all account users, regardless of their browser settings.

    For the complete list of locales available for selection, refer to Java SE 7 Supported Locales.

Updating the Account Information Page

You can edit some of the settings on the Account Information page to better suit your needs.

  1. At the upper right corner of the Account Information page, click Edit. The settings in the left column will become editable.
  2. Update the settings. Values for the following settings are required, and must be defined:
    • Organization Name
    • Primary Contact Email
    • Time Zone
    • Locale
    Note: A change in the Time Zone setting affects how new data (aggregated from the time of the setting change) is displayed. For assistance with modifying time zone display of existing data, contact Jacada Support.
  3. When you are finished editing, click Save at the upper right corner of the page. Your account changes will be saved. You can exit the editing session at any time without saving changes by clicking Cancel.