The Jacada Interact protocols are designed to exchange requests and responses, which are defined for the purposes of this guide to be the implemented API Methods. The methods described are used to access information from a specific Interaction that is currently being run by a customer. This information provides the agent with details that are necessary to assist the customer to complete the Interaction successfully and efficiently. Choices selected by the customer, photos uploaded, and specific variables can all be exposed to the agent.

The Interaction Server exposes several web services to retrieve Interaction data, based on the Interaction Unique Identifier. This identifier is a number (generated either by the Interaction Server or the customer’s application) which uniquely identifies the current Interaction of an end user.

When the end user dials to the call center from a Jacada Interact mobile client, the Interaction Unique Identifier is added to the call phone number. For example, in the number 1-800-123-456,959595, 959595 is the Unique Identifier.

The API methods include:

URI Fields

The following URI fields are used in all the API methods:

URI FieldData TypeDescription
version string Specifies the service protocol version. Helps redundancy and supports adding additional protocol versions without limiting older agents.
The format is as follows: v<number>, for example, v1, v2 and so on.
It is recommended to always use the latest available version.
account string Represents the customer account list when clustering services in cloud.
accountID string Unique customer account ID.
interactionuniqueId string A unique identifier for an Interaction.