Opening a saved Interaction involves accessing a specific instance of an Interaction that was previously saved, so you can continue running it.

A saved Interaction instance can be opened in one of the following ways:

  • Selecting from the list: The relevant Interaction instance is opened from the Saved Interactions list. For details, refer to the procedure below.

Note: The Saved Interactions list shows only Interactions that were saved by you. To access Interactions that were saved by other users, you need to use the Search tool.

  • Using the Search tool: The saved Interaction is selected from the list of search results. The Interaction is opened in a new tab.
    For details about how to use the search tool, refer to Searching for Interactions.

Note: By default, you may access Interactions that were saved during the last 90 days. The time period for which saved Interactions are accessible is determined by an application setting in the Admin Console. For details, refer to Agent Application Settings (Client Settings tab).

When a saved Interaction opens, the name assigned to the Interaction when it was saved (if one was defined) appears in parentheses to the right of the Interaction name. By default, the Interaction opens on the page from which the Save procedure was done. If desired, you may use the Back button to navigate to previous pages, so you can review saved data.

To open a saved Interaction instance from the Saved Interactions list:

  1. From the Saved Interactions list, click the Run icon at the right end of the row of the relevant Interaction instance.
    A confirmation popup opens.

  2. From the popup, click Yes.
    The Interaction opens in the same tab, and the tab name is replaced with the name of the selected Interaction.

Note: Once a saved Interaction is opened, it is removed from the Saved Interactions list.