When the Agent Application is configured to require login, the user is presented with the Agent Login page when they access the Agent URL via the browser:

Enter the Account ID, User Name and Password in the appropriate fields, then click Log in. The Agent Home page is displayed.

To help ensure the security of an account, Jacada uses strict password security requirements.

Security Lockout: To protect your work and the integrity of your account, the Agent App will lock a user Account when the number of unsuccessful login attempts exceeds a set limit. If notified that you are locked out, it may indicate an unauthorized attempt to access your account. To unlock your account, you will need the Account Admin to reset your password. For more information, see Security Lockouts.

If the user has forgotten their password, they can click Forgot Password to initiate a secure password reset procedure.

Agent Home Page

The Agent Home Page opens when the Agent Application is launched. By default, a list of available Flows is displayed.

The following describes the main features of the Agent App Home Page:

Note:This image shows the view that is displayed to users with the role of Agent. Other users will see the Launchpad view. For more information, refer to Agent Application Launchpad.

Item Feature Description
1 Search Box Enables you to perform a filtered search for Flows, history items, Collaboration Rooms and other elements. For more details, refer to Agent Application Search Tool.
2 User Name and Actions Menu Displays the user and possible current actions. For Agents, the only available action is to log out. Additional actions are available to users with other roles. For more information, refer to Agent Application Launchpad.
3 Help Proves access to the following assistance features:
  • Online Help Center: Opens the Jacada Help Center.
  • Email Support: Opens the default email application and creates a blank message addressed to support@jacada.com
4 Create New Interaction Flow Clicking this icon opens the Web Designer, enabling you to create a new Flow and access other Designer features. For details, click here.
5 Add Tab Enables you to opens additional tabs. When the Collaboration Rooms capability is enabled in the Agent application settings, you may add either an Interactions tab or a Rooms tab. For more details about Collaboration Rooms, refer to Customer Collaboration.
6 Available Flow List Provides a list of available Interactions. Selecting an Interaction from this list opens a new instance of the Interaction. For details, refer to Starting New Interactions.
7 Saved Interactions Provides a list of saved Interactions. Selecting an Interaction from this list allows you to resume the Interaction instance from the point at which it was saved. For more details, refer to Working with the Saved Interactions Grid.

Logging Out

The Logout feature allows you to securely end your current session.

  1. At the upper right corner of the application, click the icon to the right of your username, then click Logout. A confirmation message is displayed.
  2. Click Yes. The session ends and the Agent Application Launchpad will be displayed.