When the Agent Application is used as a standalone program, it is accessed from the browser by entering the relevant URL (HTTP and HTTPS are supported). The application key must be appended to the URL.
The format of the access URL is: http://[host:port]/agent-app/?accountId=[accountId_defined]&appkey=[appkey_defined]

For example:

After entering the URL, you may be redirected to a Login page. The need for login is determined by the application settings configured in the Jacada Interaction Server Admin Console. For details about the Login page, refer to Logging In.

Note: For details about configuring login settings for the Agent Application, refer to Agent Application Settings.

Jacada Interaction Server provides the following options that facilitate access to the Agent Application and offer extra functionality:

Other additional parameters can be passed in the access URL to customize the look and feel of the application (e.g., theme and presentation language). For details, refer to Customizing Look and Feel.