This API guide provides descriptions of network protocols implemented by a Jacada Interact client terminal when interfacing with the Interaction Server. APIs that can be used by third parties (e.g., Agent Application, Jacada WorkSpace, etc.) are presented in detail.

The guide includes the following main sections:

  • Authenticating Against the Interaction Server: Explains the HTTP headers passed to handle authentication.
  • Interaction History: Describes the methods designed to exchange requests and responses relevant to obtaining Interaction data.
  • Client Side: Explains how to integrate Jacada Interaction Server clients into a host application or a website.
  • SMS Integration: Presents the methods involved to send a campaign SMS to a customer's mobile device.
  • DNIS Integration: Explains how to integrate Jacada Interaction Server with the DNIS application.
  • IVR Integration: Explains the Voice Proxy APIs, which are used to integrate a Voice IVR with Jacada's Visual IVR.
  • Dashboard and Reporting: Describes how to load information from the server into your own customized reporting interface and how to collect data for Deflected Calls Reports.
  • Collaboration Methods: Summarizes the methods that support Collaboration Room capabilities, which enable call center agents to connect with customers in live web sessions.
  • Running Interactions: Describes the method used to start new Interaction instances.