The Language system variable (provided out-of-the-box) enables you to display the content of an Interaction in the language selected by the user in runtime. Generally, this variable is used at the beginning of the Interaction, when the user is asked to choose the preferred language.

Note: The Language variable is used to set the language of the Interaction content only. By default, the user's locale determines the language in which the UI components of the application (such as navigation buttons, menu buttons, and so on) are displayed. To set the language of application components, the Lang URL parameter can be used. For details, refer to Customizing Look and Feel.

In the following example, the starting element of the Interaction is a multiple choice Question that prompts the user to select a language. The Language system variable is allocated to the language chosen by the user, and the content of the Question element that follows is presented in the selected language.
If the user selects the LocaleDef option, the Language system variable is not used, and the presentation language is determined by the Locale environment variable of the browser. If the locale language is not supported by Jacada Interaction Server, or if that language package has not been added to the Interaction, the content is presented in the default language package of the Interaction.

Note: Due to browser limitations, when an Interaction is run in Chrome, the Locale environment variable is not recognized and the Interaction displays in English. 

The following figure simulates how the Interaction's opening Question appears in runtime:

Allocating the Language System Variable
Allocator elements are used to change the value of the Language system variable to the language selected by the user. From the dropdown list on the left side of the Allocator Definition dialog, select the Language system variable, and from the center dropdown, select equals. In the field on the right, enter the relevant language. (Verify that the Use existing element checkbox is cleared.) The following example shows how to set the value of the variable to English.>

Jacada Interact currently supports over 20 languages. When entering hard coded values in the Allocator Definition dialog, be sure that the language identifiers are entered exactly as they appear here.

Note: If the language preference of a user is known in advance, the value of the system variable can be set to the URL of the Interaction, with the relevant language appended to the URL (e.g., &Language=French). In addition, the Lang URL parameter can be used to set the language of application components. For details, refer to Customizing Look and Feel.



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    Natalia Kosaretskaya

    Easier way:
    1. Create a collection (of thext) with languages. 2. Create a multiple choice question that uses the collection of languages and stores it directly into Language System variable.
    3 Profit!