The following sections explain the different customer assistance options in more detail. End users access the options either from the page of a Contact Us element (Contact Us page), or by clicking the Contact Us button on the page of a visual Interaction element (redirects to a Contact Us page).
The Contact Us page displays the customer assistance features that were set in the relevant page of the Interaction. In the following example, taken from the Web Self Service application, all of the features were set, so four icons appear on the page:

When a customer is navigating through an Interaction on a mobile device, and a connection to the Voice IVR is maintained simultaneously, the Transfer button is displayed on the Contact Us page (instead of the Call button). Clicking this button transfers the user to a customer service representative.

Note: For more information about integration with the Voice IVR, refer to IVR Integration.

Clicking this icon opens a Chat popup, enabling the user to initiate a chat session with an agent.

Note: In the Windows Phone, the position of the Chat message textbox is not stable. Use the scrollbar to access the message textbox.


Clicking this icon opens a Contact Us page, which provides the user with the number to call.

Clicking this icon opens a Schedule a Callback page. This page prompts the user to provide a phone number, and then click Send.

Clicking this icon opens the Email Us page. This page prompts the user to enter contact details and a message. The Email and Message fields are mandatory.

When the user clicks the Next button, an email is automatically sent to the Primary Contact Email address defined in the Account Information page of the Admin Console. The email displays the following information:

  • The contact details and the message that the user entered on the Email Us page.
  • A link to the history of the Interaction instance.
  • The timestamp of the email request.
  • Additional information about the customer and/or the customer's device (if available). These parameters are the values that are returned from the Contact Us variable set.

For example: