When your license supports the DNIS Service Application, the phone numbers used for call handling are provided by a third party. Before you can use the DNIS Service, you need to activate the service.
Once the service is activated, Jacada manages your list of phone numbers and ensures that a sufficient quantity of numbers are available. Phone numbers are automatically added to / removed from the list, according to the amount of usage.

To activate the DNIS service:

  1. From the menu bar, select Settings > Connectivity.
    The Connectivity page opens, with the General tab displayed by default.
  2. Verify that the Call Now handling method selected is DNIS Manager. (For details, refer to Managing Connectivity Settings.)
  3. At the right side of the page, click the DNIS Manager Settings link.

    The DNIS Manager tab is displayed.

  4. Click the link on the DNIS Manager tab.
    The Setup a Click to Call Service page opens.

  5. From the Please select a country dropdown list, select the relevant country.
  6. If you have selected United States or Canada, select one of the following radio buttons:
    • Toll Free Numbers
    • Local Numbers
    If Local Numbers is selected, if desired, enter the relevant 3-digit area code in the textbox to the right.
  7. After reading the service terms/conditions, select the I have read the terms and conditions checkbox.
  8. Click Add Service.
    A confirmation message is displayed, and the grid on the DNIS Manager tab is populated with a set of phone numbers.