The Email sub-menu allows you to set your SMTP server settings. This enables emails to be sent successfully in Interactions involving email elements and/or the email customer assistance service.
When the Email Settings page is first accessed (Account> Email), some default settings are displayed. These settings must be updated to allow the Designer email options to perform properly.

Updating Email Settings
The Edit button displays the Email Settings page in Edit mode, enabling you to configure your email settings.
The following procedure explains how to configure initial settings. After you define your settings, the same procedure is used to modify current settings.

To define email settings:

  1. At the right upper corner of the Email Settings page, click Edit.
    All settings become editable.

  2. Enter the relevant host name and port in the appropriate fields.)
    Note: Your SMTP server must have a validated, trusted certificate.
  3. To use SSL and/or TLS, select Yes from the appropriate dropdown list(s).
  4. If your email settings require authentication, from the Use Authentication dropdown list, select Yes. Then, enter the relevant username and password in the appropriate textboxes.
  5. In the Email "From" Address field, enter the From address to be displayed in the emails that are sent.
  6. At the right upper corner of the page, click Save.
    A confirmation message is displayed. On the Email Settings page, settings are updated, and the Clear and Test buttons are enabled.

  7. To test your settings, from the upper right corner of the page, click Test.
    The Test Email Settings page opens.

  8. In the Recipient Email field, enter the email address to which a test email will be sent. Then, click Send.
    A confirmation message is displayed.
    Note: It is recommended to verify that the test email was received.
  9. To delete all your email settings, click Clear.
    A warning popup opens.

  10. To proceed, click Yes.
    The email settings are restored to their default values.