Jacada Interact enables you to organize the Interactions published to your account in any structure that is logical for you. This is done by using a folder system in which Interactions are assigned to appropriately named folders. When necessary, an Interaction may be placed in multiple folders. (For example, an Interaction that allows a customer to both check balances and pay bills could be placed inside both the Inquiries folder and the Payments folder.)

Note: The folders feature is relevant only to Interactions published to the Agent Application, as users of that application are required to search through lengthy lists of Interactions. Any categorization done to Interactions published to other clients is ignored.

The base node of the folders tree is called the Root. (The Root is not a folder, and it contains no Interactions.) All the top-level folders are child folders of the Root. Each top-level folder (except for the default home folder) may have child folders, and these child folders may have their own child folders. Every Interaction must be assigned to at least one folder. However, a folder does not need to contain any Interactions (it may be empty).
The Folders page is accessed from the menu bar by selecting Resources > Folders. By default, the folders tree contains a single top-level folder called home, and all Interactions are contained in this folder.

After additional top-level folders (and child folders) are created, Interactions can be moved (or copied) into these other folders. The following diagram shows an example of a folder structure with one additional top-level folder (Media) that has one child folder. The Videos Interaction has been moved from the home folder to this child folder.

The following sections describe how to: