You can Run a Flow using a selected Application from the Flow page. Running a Flow from the Admin Console opens it for review in a new browser tab. 

Note: Only Interaction Flows can be Run from the Admin Console. Other Flow types can be Run from the Web Designer.

The Run feature is accessed from the Details tab of the selected Flow:

  • Clicking the down arrow next to the Run button lists all available Applications for the Flow. Select the name of the Application to use for the Run.
  • Clicking Run without selecting an Application will use the most recently selected Application.

Using the Run button on the Details tab will always access the latest published version of the Flow.

Flows that are run from the Admin Console are not included in statistics that are collected for Usage Dashboard data.

Note: A Flow that is access protected in selected Applications cannot be launched in those Applications using the Admin Console Run feature. A protected Flow can be run only by generating a link using the Share button.

Running a Specific Flow Version

For details on how to run a selected version of a Flow, click here.