A published Flow can be assigned either Draft or Approved status:

  • Draft. The Flow has been published to the Interact server but is not yet accessible to Jacada Interact clients.
  • Approved. The Flow has undergone an appropriate review process and is available for use by Jacada Interact clients. In addition, when working in a Single Environment account, you cannot edit or delete a variable that is currently being used by an Approved Flow.

When a Designer publishes a Flow, it is usually assigned a Draft status and must be manually Approved by an Admin. (You can change this behavior from the General Settings page.) Only one version of a Flow can have Approved status at any time.

Approving a Flow

The Flow approval process differs slightly, depending on which type of Environment you are using:

Multi Environment Account

You change the status of a Flow using the Versions tab. For details click here.

Single Environment Account
  1. From the Flows page of the Admin Console, select the checkbox to the left of the Draft Flow that you want to Approve. The Approve button will be enabled:

  2. Click Approve. A confirmation message is displayed. You will be notified if approving the published version will overwrite a private draft version.
  3. Click Yes. The selected version status will be modified and updated on the list.

For details on how to Approve a specific version of a Flow, click here.

Reverting an Approved Flow to Draft Status

When working in a Single Environment account, you can change the status of a Flow from Approved back to Draft. This is important when you want to:

  • revert publication of the Flow,
  • enable editing of variables used by the Flow, or
  • delete the Flow

To enable this functionality, a Back to Draft button is activated at the upper right of the Details tab of Approved Flows:

Click this button to change the status of the Flow back to Draft. A confirmation message is displayed. Click Yes to confirm reversion.