The Web Service Integration Points page lists all configured Integration Points and provides basic information about each.

  • You can use the dropdown menus at the top of the grid to filter the list of Integration Points according to its access method and/or type.
  • The checkboxes at the left side of the grid enable you to select one or more Integration Points on which to perform administrative actions.
  • Clicking on a column header sorts the list by the selected attribute.

The following basic information is provided for each Integration Point:

Column Description/Notes
Name Name of the Integration Point. Click the Name of an Integration Point to display its details page.
Status Draft or Approved. Approved Integration Points are immediately available for use in the Web Designer.
Method SOAP or REST
Type User, Custom Validation, or Callback
Description Relevant notes, generally describing the purpose of the Integration Point.

Viewing Integration Point Details

Click the Name of the Integration Point you want to display. From the details page, you can perform the following administrative actions:

  • Testing
  • Editing
  • Approval
  • Deletion

The details page of an Integration Point also displays its invocation, request and response parameters.

SOAP Integration Points will display the WSDL and the selected methods:

REST Integration Points will display the endpoint URL and the request Header/Body parameters: