The Interactions list displays a list of all approved Interactions that are published to the Mobile Web application of your account. By default, your list will contain four sample Interactions that you can work with to get started. As you create your own Interactions, your list will grow. The Interaction that was published to the server most recently appears first in the list. For example:

When you select an Interaction from the list, an expanded view opens that shows a preview of how the first page of the Interaction will look to your customers. The tabs at the top of the page enable you to choose a theme (look and feel), change the logo, test the Interaction on your mobile device and then view a summary of the user's input. You can progress through these steps either by clicking the tabs at the top of  the page, or by clicking the Next button at the bottom of the page.


Selecting a Theme

The Select Theme tab allows you to set the look and feel that is presented to your customers. The Launchpad offers three different themes for you to choose from (Rounded, Floating, and Flat). 

Note: These themes are especially designed for the Mobile Web applications, and it  is recommended that you begin with one of them. For details on other Mobile Web themes and how to manage them from the Admin Console, refer to Using Themes in Your Applications.

To preview your Interaction, click on the relevant theme. The first page of your Interaction will be displayed in the Preview frame, on the right side of the page. For example:

To see the other pages of your Interaction, navigate through the Interaction by following the flow and progressing through the Interaction.

Note: The theme that you select will determine the look and feel of  all the Interactions in the Interactions list.

Changing the Logo
By default, the Jacada logo is featured on the Floating and Flat themes. (The Rounded theme does not support logos.) The Select Logo tab enables you to upload your own logo to replace the Jacada logo. The following file formats are supported:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • GIF 

If relevant, you may upload different logos for each of the themes.

To upload your logo, drag and drop the image file to the dotted area in the tab. Alternatively, click the Select file button, and then navigate to and open the relevant image file. Your logo is then uploaded and displayed in the Preview pane. For example:

Note: It is recommended that your image size be up to 50 x 35 pixels. If you upload a larger image, the system will automatically resize it.
If you are working with a browser that does not support resizing (e.g., IE 8), make sure that your original image is no larger than 50 x 35 pixels.

Testing on Your Mobile
After you have chosen a theme and a logo, you may test the Interaction on your own mobile device. From the Run on mobile tab, use one of the following methods to send the Interaction to your smartphone:

  • Enter a phone number to receive an SMS: In the Mobile Phone field, select your country code from the dropdown list. Then, enter your phone number, including prefixes such as area code. When you receive the SMS, click the link in the message to start the Interaction.
  • Use the QR code below: Using your smartphone, scan the QR code to begin the Interaction.

Alternatively, click the link below the QR code to start the Interaction in your browser. 


Viewing the Interaction Summary
The View summary tab, which is enabled once you have sent an Interaction to your smartphone, lists all questions and the answers you provide as you step through the Interaction. This summary is a simulation of what a customer service representative would see if you contacted the call center while navigating through the Interaction. The summary is updated in real time.

Clicking Finish (at the bottom of the page) will redirect you back to the home page of the Launchpad.